We are a Los Angeles based company with foreign roots. We started as a small business 10 years ago, and slowly expanded our business into becoming one of the most successful Jewelry Lines of the country. We have always had a love for western culture, and decided to relocate our business to the United States. 

What we love most about western views are it’s progressiveness in terms of sustainability, and environmental impact. We believe that as a business involved in production, we are responsible for leaving as little carbon footprint on this planet as possible. We want to make women feel beautiful, and special without the guilt of fast-fashion production. 


So what do we do to accomplish this?

All of our Jewelry is made out of solid 18K recycled gold metal. This means that we reuse, remelt, and reshape all the pieces you buy. We have implemented a special Lifetime Exchange Program© (LEP) for all of our shoppers. 

What is the Lifetime Exchange Program© (LEP)?

Our lifetime exchange program© allows you to exchange any pieces you have bought from us, for years down the line. 

How does the Lifetime Exchange Program© (LEP) work?

You will initially send us a series of pictures, for assessment on the shape the jewelry is in. Based on that, we offer a price to repurchase it off of you. If you agree with the price, we will give you Parasteh Dollars in return on your account with us. The Parasteh Dollars have a 10 year expiry date on them.